How to Compost with Trench Method and Compost Piles

Composting with Trench Method and Compost Piles

Two methods of composting:
1. Trench Method – after my strawberries have finished producing for the season, I will start with direct composing. For a week or two, I will keep fruit and vegetable scraps in a plastic bag in the freezer. Once I’ve got a full bag, I’ll take what I have to the garden to be composted. I’ll dig a trench down the row where my strawberry plants were and then place them all inside the trench. Sometimes I’ll also add grass clippings on top and then move the soil back over.
I do this at the end of the growing season so the materials will have at least 6 months to decompose before I re-plant in the spring. Check out my video above to see the process and how I built composting bins using free pallets.

2. Compost Piles – I received several free wooden pallets and used them to make a 3-bin composting system. Throughout the year, I’ll add grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps along with shredded paper, wood chips and other items. Then I will mix the pile every month or two and eventually flip the pile over to the next compost bin working it over the year to end up as good compost. Be sure to watch the video above and at the end you’ll see the final compost ready to be used.